Social Media Monitor

Track Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media platforms for the latest news and user-generated content on topics of your choice.


The service monitors news content on Twitter and other social media handles of:
  • Mainstream business and general newspapers in English, French, Spanish and other international languages
  • Business magazines, general magazines, and trade journals
  • Independent news portals
  • Major televisions channels
  • Independent journalists and social media influencers
  • World leaders and international organisations

What you get

Social media posts including:
  • Tweets and other types of text and html content
  • Posts containing audio recordings
  • Posts containing video recordings
  • Posts containing graphics


The service provides content on thousands of topics such as politics, business, stock markets, and social issues.
The service allows you to create customised topics including news about your organisation, brands, competitors, customers and industry.


The service is available by email and online on your password protected website.
The standard service is available 24 hours. Manually curated services are available from 5am, 7 days a week.
An unlimited number of recipients can receive the service.

How does the service work?



Social media pages are regularly monitored, based on the frequency of updates. Some social media pages are monitored every five minutes. While Twitter allows use of APIs for search, other platforms are searched manually.


Discovery of New Content

All content is parsed and compared against a database to discover new and recent news stories.



New news stories are tagged with relevant meta data for storage in our searchable database to prepare for your search queries.



Extensive boolean queries are used to search for news stories matching your terms and filters.



News stories are collated into subject folders. These are further organised into thematic sections and ordered by priority.


Value Addition

Meta data is marked such as source name and date. Also, meta data such as source circulation and by-line can be optionally marked.

Why Monitor Social News Media?



There is a no barrier to entry. Anyone can start a social media handle or a blog. Many of these are professional journalists who are no longer constrained by the discipline imposed by their organisations. Many become viral. Many such handles are more popular than the newspapers which employed the authors. These cannot be ignored by any credible organisation.



A social media post or blog is timeless. A post or article can be ignored by readers on the day of its publication and discovered following a simple search on the web after several months or several years. This represents the potential for long-term damage.



Social media may not have much credibility to a professional but may be seen as fully credible by young and new readers who tend to consume all their news online. Social media posts keep getting reposted to ease of posting.


Global Impact

Social media has global impact of huge proportions. A traditional news media is consumed when a reader takes an action such clicking a link. A social media post is served to readers globally because someone else in the group chose to share it. A news about your company may be shared in a Facebook group giving it unparallelled visibility among your competitors, vendors and customers.



Social media gets credibility when it gets seen by your customers or is quoted by your competitors.


Reuse Value

A social media post never dies. It keeps getting re-used and keeps getting new lease of life.

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