Tenders Monitoring - Print Media

Track advertisements and tenders in the print media, 7 days a week

The Service

Get tenders and bids, based on what you are interested in, from print publications across the country. Delivered directly to your inbox, before start of business hours. All filtered by human editors.

The Need

You need to be alerted - in time - to opportunities relevant to your business and which you could bid for. But searching for tenders can be time consuming. From 200+ print publications from across India. You need a service which gives you only those tenders which are relevant to your business.

Service Strength

At Press Monitor, we make sure you receive the tender notices that precisely meet your needs. The service monitors major print publications - dailies, weeklies, journals, local and national press, trade and consumer periodicals - for tenders and bid notices which especially match the product or service you offer. Only those tender notices that match your needs are emailed to you the day they are published, giving you time to prepare a winning bid. You can also opt for human editors to review each individual notice, so you do not have to weed through irrelevant content. A web-based interface assists you in managing your service, where you can organise, assess, print, and download your tenders.


  • get tenders before the start of business hours, 7 days a week.
  • comprehensive tracking, from publications across India
  • digitally scanned tender notices, matching keywords or subjects of your choice
  • delivered by email or download from your password-protected website
  • 24-hour access to your tenders
  • use human editors to weed out irrelevant tenders (on demand)
  • index of opportunities, sorted on various parameters (on demand)
  • customised alerts of your tenders (on demand)
  • your logo
  • delivered by email the same day, before start of business hours
  • access to an expansive library of tenders, covering hundreds of print publications