Social Media Monitoring

Monitor Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogs, Networks

The Service

Monitor all forms of social media, including blogs, social networking sites, forums, opinion sites and top video- and image-sharing sites, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. Find out what people are saying about you, across millions of social media platforms and sources, anywhere in the world. Identify the influencers you should be targeting Rank top tweeters and bloggers by their number of followers, retweets, blog comments and activity volume.

The Need

The social media is exploding. Growth in consumer-generated content is unprecedented. These social media websites can make or break governments and companies. It is no longer an option to ignore the social media space.

Service Strength

You select the topics, keywords or hashtags you want to monitor. Human editors, not machines or software code, read social media posts to select those which meet your specifications. As well as eliminate duplicates and other irrelevant posts, if you desire. The service monitors blogs, social networking sites, forums, opinion sites, top video and image-sharing sites and more. For mentions of your company, product, brands or competitors. So that you can analyze brand mentions to gauge the sentiment of bloggers, tweeters and readers. And target key influencers in blogs, commentaries and social conversations.


  • comprehensive coverage after monitoring thousands of social media platforms
  • new webposts matching keywords delivered every hour, with web links
  • daily report containing links by websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs, compiled into user-specified sections and prioritised
  • separation of new content from old content reposted by users
  • accurate coverage using customized search profiles and Boolean querying
  • reports delivered by e-mail at a time of your choosing, even multiple times a day
  • irrelevant content can be filtered by human editors, not software, for higher accuracy (on demand)
  • all your coverage organised in one place, and accessible anywhere, anytime
  • reports with customized presentation
  • APIs for direct integration into your websites and systems (on demand)
  • customized formats, including XML delivery and RSS feeds (on demand)