Social Media Management

Generate greater impact with your communication on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube.

The Service

Create and maintain your official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Slide Share, Flickr, Google+, Youtube and other relevant social media platforms. Manage your response using standard response management processes. Round the clock running of your social media accounts by updating content, analyzing trends, moderating and intervening when required. Provide detailed analytics about your social media activities, including relevant trends on social media sites.

The Need

Enhance your presence on social media platforms using innovative communication and outreach programs. Integrate various social media platforms. Reach out to a wider audience with an integrated social media strategy.

Service Strength

Communicate news, retain customers, resolve issues and build brand loyalty. Resolve customer queries, comments and issues quickly and proactively. Answer questions from prospective customers and identify leads. Interact with social media influencers. Reshape and post content provided by you to generate greater social media impact.


  • create and maintain your official social media accounts
  • verify your official accounts across various platforms
  • standardisation of profile on social media accounts
  • conceptualise and execute social media campaigns
  • comprehensive analytic reports of social media channels
  • social media newsletter for stakeholders
  • dashboard for simultaneous updates on social media platforms
  • identify key performance indicators
  • detailed analytics about your social media activities
  • trends on social media sites