PR Evaluation and Analysis

Keep the focus on your brand - not the competition.

The Service

Evaluate the media coverage your campaign has received. Analysed by media type, prominence, tonality, share of voice, and other pre-defined metrics.

The Need

Understand how your PR campaigns impact your bottom line. Validate your efforts to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. Are you building your brand, forming relationships, and - most importantly - reaching out to your target audience. Plan more targeted media outreach programs, with better strategy and more engaging tactics.

Service Strength

Get your coverage analyzed by human professionals, not software code. Plan campaigns more accurately and build stronger relationships with the media. Target key influencers and media outlets with customised messages. Customised media measurement reports, as you need them or at regular intervals, help you to understand the impact of your campaign.


  • get additional insights to help you engage with media outlets
  • time-saving resources to appropriately target relevant journalists and influencers
  • easy-to-use and instantly available relevant information
  • get deeper understanding of the impact and outcome of your PR exercise
  • demonstrate success of your PR initiatives
  • adjust your program in mid-course
  • gain early warning on how your brand is being represented in social and traditional media outlets
  • gain insights to plan your communications to maximum effect