News Coding Services

News coding and tagging services allow publishers to share and syndicate news.

We follow standards set by IPTC, a group of news organisations including the Alliance Européenne des Agences de Presse, ANPA (now NAA), FIEJ (now WAN) and the North American News Agencies (a joint committee of Associated Press, Canadian Press and United Press International).

Photo Metadata Coding Services

Administrative – identification of the creator, creation date and location, contact information for licensors of the image, and other technical details.
Descriptive – information about the visual content. This may include headline, title, captions and keywords. This can be done using free text or codes from a controlled vocabulary.
Rights – copyright information and underlying rights in the visual content including model and property rights, and rights usage terms. We embed data inside image files that stays with the image.

Media Topics Coding Services

Media Topics is a 1100-term taxonomy with a focus on categorizing text. We categorise your news content into Media Topics categories so it can be found easily by publishers.

NewsML-G2 Coding Services

NewsML-G2 is a single format for exchanging text, images, video, audio news and event or sports data - and packages thereof. The NewsML-G2 standard provides state-of-the-art XML format metadata to combine rich functionality, ease of use, compactness and compatibility with the Semantic Web. We help you wrap your news content in newsML so it can be consumed by multimedia consumers.

News in JSON Coding Services

ninjs standardizes the representation of news in JSON – a lightweight, easy-to-parse, data interchange format. Almost every media organization today is working on a project (or ten) that involves expressing the contents of a news item in JSON. From content APIs to mobile applications to document databases, JSON has moved into a position of technical prominence across the enterprise.

Embedding metadata in online news

News is an approved standard for using semantic markup to annotate news-specific metadata in HTML documents. rNews specifies the terminology and data model required to embed news specific metadata into HTML documents. One such semantic markup standard is called RDFa. RDFa is a framework for embedding semantic markup into HTML documents. Another markup standard is called HTML5 Microdata. Microdata is another framework for embedding semantic mrkup into HTML document, it is adopted by as the preferred syntax.