E-Commerce Monitoring

Tracking e-commerce websites for products, prices and features

The Service

Monitor leading commerce websites for products of your choice. You can track specific products for information such as number of sellers of a specific product, market prices online, features highlighted etc.

The Need

E-commerce is the new frontier of commerce. Your products may be sold online without appropriate permissions and may be disrupting your existing distribution channels. Worse, products being sold online may be fake or not authorised for sale in a particular geography.

Service Strength

You specify the products or services to monitor, using customised search profiles and Boolean queries. To locate the major areas of concern, you specify the commerce website your need to monitor. We then use our extensive experience in crawling and indexing websites. We also have in-house expertise in parsing relevant information from commerce pages and in compiling the information.


  • you get report of matching products delivered every day, with web links.
  • reports delivered by e-mail at a time of your choosing
  • comprehensive coverage after monitoring thousands of websites
  • accurate coverage using customised search profiles and Boolean querying
  • human editors, available on demand, to weed out irrelevant news (on demand)
  • online access to store, manage and share your tenders