Advertisements Monitoring - Print Media

Track advertisements in the print media. 7 days a week.

The Service

Get print media advertisements, from publications across the country, delivered directly to your inbox. Every morning.

The Need

Newspapers publish thousands of news, advertisements and other items such as tenders every month. This service helps you find advertisements relevant to your business, from across 200 mainstream newspapers and magazines in India.

Service Strength

Track advertisements to see which ads ran where, the pages they appeared in, their relative size, and to get a heads-up on the communication strategies employed by the competition. This service monitors major print publications - dailies, weeklies, journals, local and national press, trade and consumer periodicals - for advertisements of your company, product, brands or competitors.


  1. get advertisements 7 days a week.
  2. comprehensive tracking, from publications across India
  3. digitally scanned press clippings matching keywords or subjects of your choice
  4. index of advertisements, by brand or company name
  5. size, page number and relative position of advertisement
  6. your logo
  7. access to an expansive library of content, covering hundreds of print publications
  8. customised daily alerts or coverage reports of your coverage (on demand)
  9. analysis of your coverage with circulation figures, media outlet information, and value (on demand)
  10. delivered by email the same day, before start of business hours
  11. delivery by email or download from your password-protected website
  12. 24-hour access to your coverage