Advertisements Monitoring - Electronic Media

Track advertisements on electronic media, or television commercials (TVCs).

The Service

Monitor satellite television channels across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and others for TVCs.

The Need

India has more than 200 TV channels beaming news, debates and advertisements in more than 15 languages. You need to monitor the advertisements broadcast on these television channels. To track the performance of your campaigns on television, monitor those of your competitors, and keep track of new TVCs.

Service Strength

Track TVCs of specific brands, or companies, at specific time frames. Human editors, not machines or software code, select TVCs as per your specifications, after going through hours of recorded footage. Selected TVCs are compiled for creating a report, or track sheet, which is delivered to your email at a time and frequency specified by you. Get information such as broadcast date and time of the advertisement, duration of broadcast, and the preceding and following TVC or program. Use this information to verify scheduled transmission of TVCs according to contracts with broadcaster. You can order the video to be delivered as download files or on CD/DVD. Integrated this service with the print media advertisement monitoring for a comprehensive service.


  1. broadcast track sheet, 7 days a week. At the time of your choosing
  2. advertisement audit sheet, to certify broadcast time and duration
  3. comprehensive tracking, from satellite television channels
  4. delivery by email or download from your password-protected website
  5. 24-hour access to your coverage
  6. index of TVCs with brand and broadcast details
  7. your logo on the track sheets
  8. accuracy, ensured by human editors who weed out irrelevant TVCs
  9. access to an expansive library of content