Quality Control

Press Monitor has earned a name for the quality of its services. The company has served who is who of India without even a single failure or delay in the past 15 years. The company measures quality on the following parameters.

Manual Classification
Timely delivery

Systems have been implemented to ensure that all services are delivered on or ahead of time.

Thematic Sections
Complete coverage

Systems have been implemented to ensure that all selected media sources are comprehensively tracked.

Quantitative Analysis
Quality Selection

Systems to ensure that no misses take place, i.e. content that requires selection is not missed. The company follows the policy that says “include content when in doubt.”

Qualitative Analysis
Quality translation

The company uses multiple translators for the same content and compares the output against each other. This guards against changes in meaning or misrepresentation of facts.

The company uses the following policies to ensure quality

Manual Classification
Competent Staff

Hire qualified and competent workers.

Thematic Sections

Train workers continuously.

Quantitative Analysis

Have more workers in a shift than necessary to reduce downtime.

Qualitative Analysis

Have more infrastructure than necessary for the job in order to provide for downtimes.

Qualitative Analysis
Systems and Software

Use in-house systems and softwares to control the workflow and deliver services.

The company is aggressively investing in quality systems. Checks are built in at every stage of operations to minimise human error.