Online News Monitoring

Tracking 100,000 news websites and independent news portals

The Service

Monitor more than 100,000 websites several times daily to pull out latest news headlines matching your requirement. Know what is being written about companies, people and issues. Press Monitor's internet news monitoring service lets you stay abreast with comprehensive coverage from thousands of websites. An indispensable tool for public relations professionals, your internet news monitoring service lets you act on content from online news sources.

The Need

The news has exploded on the Internet. There are more than one million news websites and independent news portals on the Internet. Of this, almost 100,000 websites have some original content. Many of them do not have original content, but subscribe to news agencies. They have some readership and thus need to be tracked.

Service Strength

You select the topics you want to monitor. Human editors, not machines or software code, review each individual story to select articles according to your specifications. They also eliminate duplicates and other irrelevant content from hundreds of pages. To make sure you receive the coverage that suits you. The service monitors major online news sources of dailies, weeklies, journals, local and national press, trade and consumer periodicals for mentions of your company, product, brands or competitors.


  • headlines matching keywords delivered every hour, with web links.
  • comprehensive coverage after monitoring thousands of websites
  • accurate coverage using customized search profiles and Boolean querying
  • daily report collating all news headlines into sections and prioritized
  • reports delivered by e-mail at a time of your choosing, even multiple times a day
  • human editors, available on demand, to weed out irrelevant news
  • online access to store, manage and share your coverage
  • all your coverage organised in one place - accessible